Cuddledry Original Handsfree Baby Bathing Towel in Cow Print


The Original Cuddledry Handsfree Baby Bathing Towel has an innovative design which leaves both your hands free to lift your baby from the water, and keeps you dry. Out of the bath and into your arms, in the cuddliest, most natural way possible.

Put its hood on the baby's head, and they are instantly snuggled into a wonderfully warm and soft double layer of gorgeous bamboo and pure cotton, and you can give them a lovely cuddle without getting wet. it is simple, it is safe, and it brings you and your baby even closer together.

The Cuddledry Original Handsfree Baby Bathing Towel is a multi award winner and a must have for all parents.


Handsfree Design

Size - length 120 cm - width 75 cm

Unbleached cotton and natural bamboo fibres

Long and luxurious - cocoons and cuddles baby quickly dry, protects you from getting wet

Double Layer - draws water away from body and hair 

Category: Baby Towel

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